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Forestdale takes the We Get It motto to every aspect of our business so we can provide you with an exceptional experience.

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Forestdale has a wealth of experience in manufacturing for all ranges of industries including the following: office furnishings, outdoor signage, healthcare, and heavy equipment as well as snow and ice.

We can help with laser cutting, welding, metal forming, machining, coating, punching, packaging and assembly.   We have a complete metal shop, including CNC programmable and fully automated equipment that allows us to have a high level of control over the quality and accuracy of our work.

Our weld shop is staffed with CWB 47.1 certified welders, who we are very proud of!  They are constantly reaching new heights in their standards and experiences, and we know that our employees are our best investment here at Forestdale.

We offer laser cutting services, and have recently added a new fully automated laser cutting line to our premises that we are very excited about. We would be happy to review any requirements you may have, in any type of material.

We are committed to making the outsourcing of O.E.M. metal products a rewarding and efficient experience.   Our attention to personal service is what sets us apart, and it’s what keeps our customers coming back

Our Prestigious Stock & Ship Program

When you want it, the way you want it… 

In today’s rapidly changing market, we are finding that timing is the most important commodity that we can offer our customers.  Using lean methods of manufacturing combined with Kanban, just in time shipping and a supermarket stocking system, we have the unique ability to turn projects around very quickly. In fact, we regularly ship painted and packaged products in 3 days or less.  In this way we are able to help our customers maximize their warehouse space and reduce their need for a large inventory, while also giving you the gift of time and timing.

We understand, and ‘get’ that seasonal or economic effects can happen to companies and their products.  By using the stock and ship program at Forestdale, you will never have a large amount of inventory sitting in your warehouse, and you will easily be able to meet your customer’s needs during your peak times of production.

Shipping and packaging our customers parts to their specifications is something we pride ourselves on. 

When you receive your products, you want it to be a smooth transition into your own facility, so we are very adept at custom packaging.  We are very familiar with bundling parts in set amounts, packing them in your own printed boxes, and using custom labels for your production requirements. We often include instruction sheets and bolt kits and also offer custom made pallets and kitting solutions.  Each of our customers has unique need to help get their job done, and ‘We Get It!’

"Forestdale goes the distance! No matter how far you are from them they are good as or better than the shop next door"

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We are ready. We Get It.
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